McCormick Environmental, Inc. provides a range of environmental services to assist clients in reaching restoration, conservation and sustainability goals. Projects currently include:

  • Enhancement of Native Oyster (Ostera lurida)  in Ventura County
  • Restoration of salt marsh and upland habitat
  • Nursery production of native salt marsh plants including Chord Grass (Spartina foliosa)
  • Assessment of fish impingement at coastal electric power stations
  • Composting of horse manure from a herd of 130 horses as part of a nutrient recycling program
  • Design and construction of bioswales for water, nutrient and sediment retention
  • Demonstrating the benefits of biochar to enhance soil fertility and carbon sequestration

McCormick Environmental, Inc., previously Proteus SeaFarms Intl. Inc., was established in 1988 to provide environmental services.  These services included applied research on cultivation of abalone and white seabass for commercial and restoration purposes along the California coast.

Our experience includes both marine research, education and enhancement and terrestrial native plant restoration.  Many of these projects are done with cooperation from Federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.


Proteus abalone hatchery
Tom McCormick checks the growth of white abalone (Haliotis sorenseni) in the hatchery.

In recent years McCormick Environmental has focused on restoration of coastal and intertidal native oyster and plant habitat. We are also working on the capture and recycling of nutrients from livestock, reducing runoff into local watersheds. We are using innovative methods that sequester carbon and improve soil fertility.

Environmental Restoration at Mugu Lagoon
Adding biochar waddles to promote plant growth at an environmental Restoration site at Mugu Lagoon.
Improving soil quality in the intertidal
Upland and intertidal plantings in Mugu Lagoon